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My life has been a rollercoaster over the last few months and still is.

However, I must try and get myself back into my art side. I sure miss providing stock photography and doing manipulations and creating costumes. So I am planning to put this back on track.

I decided that there is no point in me dwelling over past stock... so it will all be available again to use with the new rules.

Any new stock I decide to upload will be from now on Fee based, with no restrictions. Therefore a better deal for artists who want to use them.

Therefore, apologies for overloading your inboxes... I will need loads of time to re-load the stock.

Have fun creating!


Stock Rules
If you download my stock photographs you are legally bound to abide by these rules:

1. I retain all rights to the photograph
It is Lusete's (also known as Lucia Segura) copyright. Do not claim as your own. You are purely granted permission to use it, nothing else. You are NOT allowed to sell my photographs anywhere as they are.

2. Stock Photographs are Royalty-Free
This means you can use them for any project.

3. No need to notify me, but would be nice.

4. No need to credit me, but would be nice